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Hi all, 

Welcome to my blog Casa Mena. It is established to share my experience or the things that I encountered and learned from others. Whether in Food, Plant, health and wellness or the products which I like to endorse and which I am using. 

My name is Mena. "Casa" is a Spanish word stands for "Home" and it means a lot to me where we share a lot of things together in the family and I learned to share from there!

I used to travel around the world and across the countries before the pandemic,  I have gained a lot of knowledge  from them. Along the journey I met different faces from cities to cities, I tasted the best cuisine and I learnt how they cook and mix the ingredients, I experienced their cultural & historial background, I admired all those artistic architectural design. I would love to share all the special things I found via my own channel. 

Thank you very much for visiting.

I would be more than happy if you guys share more opinion, 

Stay tuned, More interesting stuffs are coming

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