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Purely Hair

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ACT Director

She is passionate about assisting clients to overcome issues such as hair thinning, hair loss, deterioration of the hair’s condition and scalp conditions.

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Andrea is a trichologist, stylist and hair consultant. She works between Melbourne and Hong Kong, consulting and supporting salons in both cities. 

About Andrea

Consulting Trichologist & Former Salon Manager

Senior Hair Stylist at one of HK's icon Hotel Spas

毛髮專家, 前沙龍經理和香港五星酒店水療中心高級髮型師


Products & Information

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對那些平常凌亂的泡沫、DIY 發膜和油膩的免洗油失去耐性?





 ACT 盛髮頭髮精華素的故事始於一個追求 - 用科學使頭髮健康和頭皮快樂。

我們與香港頂尖的國際認證專業毛髮專家安德里亞·克拉克(Andrea Clark)合作,她的專業知識點出所需的關鍵營養和最佳的家居使用方法。

當我們在尋找天然原材料的時候我們進入了古代阿育吠陀醫學的領域。 我們配方的活性油和植物有著悠久的安全性和使用歷史,並廣泛證明其效力:


迷迭香油是一種天然抗氧化劑。 它有助於減少導致頭髮健康狀況不佳的自由基數量。 它具有天然激活作用,可促進血液循環及支持新的毛髮生長,增強毛囊並有助於減少脫落。 含豐富的抗氧化劑和維他命 A 和 B,有助促進頭髮生長和增加濃密度。


旱蓮草是印度阿育吠陀藥典中廣泛使用的植物,當中最為人所知的是它促進頭髮生長、豐盈和光澤的功效。 它有助於防止過度脫落並加強髮根。


洛神花籽油富含維生素 C 和氨基酸,可改善皮下血液循環,刺激頭髮健康生長,即使是禿斑中處於休眠狀態的毛囊也有功效。眾所周知,它有助於防止頭髮過早變白並增強頭髮韌性以防止斷裂和分叉。


喜來芝擁有極高濃度的富里酸,並含 80 多種必需維他命和礦物質。 它的主要維他命包括 B、C 和 E,以及鐵、鋅、鎂、鉀、類胡蘿蔔素和視黃醇等重要礦物質。


山茶油在日本被視為保護頭髮和皮膚的健康珍品。 它質地輕盈、不油膩,含高抗氧化劑和脂肪酸,是頭髮極好的潤膚劑。 眾所周知,它有助於激活受損的頭髮而且它是一種天然化學保護劑,有助防止因染髮引起的頭皮和頭髮損傷。


我們希望通過這獨特配方去幫助減少頭髮稀疏和脫落的問題,從而促進新頭髮生長,鎮靜頭皮並幫助減緩髮際線後退。 儘管我們很想告訴您這款產品有卓越功效,但在某些特定類型的永久性脫髮及過早變白方面的問題,我們並不是奇蹟創造者。 科學,更不用說我們還沒有解決這些問題。



質地輕盈,吸收迅速,不染色。 直接噴在頭皮上。


ACT 盛髮頭髮精華素為100 毫升,根據使用頻率,大約平均可以使用 5-6 週。 由於是天然植物成分,我們建議在購買後 2 個月內用完。 與所有有機維他命一樣,將精華素冷藏可以延長其效力和保質期。


請在初次使用前在您的皮膚上測試是否有任何過敏反應。 如果您對本產品有過敏反應,請立即停止使用。



使用前搖勻瓶子。 將乾的頭髮分成幾部分,然後直接噴在頭皮上,從頭頂開始,根據需要沿著頭部的兩側和後部。 輕輕按摩頭皮幾分鐘,滋養和刺激髮根。 靜置 30-45 分鐘。 洗髮後正常吹乾。 每週塗抹2-3次。我們建議在治療期間使用深層清潔洗髮水。 這將有助於防止所有頭髮產品堆積於頭皮上並保持頭皮清潔、健康和輕盈。

請您要有耐心。 您的頭髮生長週期緩慢,一般在持續使用約 8-12 週後才會出現新的生長變化。 在連續使用幾週後,您會發現頭髮減少脫落、頭皮緩和以及頭髮更加豐盈亮澤。 長時間使用本精華素會帶來更好的效果。

The Natural Alternative for Healthy Hair and Scalp 


Our search for nutrients led us to the world of ancient Ayurvedic medical practice. The active oils and plants we use have a long history of safe use and are proven for their potency:


Rosemary oil is a natural antioxidant. It helps reduce the number of free-radicals that lead to poor hair health. It functions as a natural stimulant and boosts blood circulation to support new growth, strengthens the hair follicles and can help reduce shedding.  Rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and B,  it helps  promote hair length, volume and density.


Elcipta Prostrata is a widely used plant in Indian ayurvedic practice. Amongst its most popular uses, it promotes hair growth, volume and shine. It helps prevent excess shedding and strengthens the hair root.


Hibiscus oil is rich in vitamin C and amino acids that improve sub-cutaneous blood circulation, stimulating healthy hair growth even from dormant hair follicles in bald patches. It is known to help prevent early greying and strengthens the hair shaft to prevent breakage and  split ends.


Shilajit boasts an extremely high concentration of fluvic acid and is packed with over 80 essential vitamins and minerals. Its key vitamins include B, C, and E, on top of crucial minerals such as iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, carotenoids and retinol. 


Camellia oil a treasured Japanese secret for healthy hair and skin.  Its light, non-greasy texture is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, which make it an excellent emollient for the hair. It is known to help revitalize unruly and damaged hair.  Importantly, it is a natural chemoprotective agent which helps prevent scalp and hair damage caused by dyeing.


Our mission for this unique formula is to help reduce hair thinning and shedding, promote new hair growth, calm the scalp and help slow receding hair lines. As much as we like to tell you how great this product is, we are not miracle workers when it comes to some types of permanent hair loss and premature greying.  Science, let alone us, has not solved those problems yet. 


Easy to Use

This unique formula comes in an easy-to-use spray that is light in texture, rapidly absorbed and does not stain.  Applied directly to the scalp, it nourishes the hair follicles which are the foundation to healthy hair.


Purely Hair Serum comes in 100ml bottles which last on average 5-6 weeks depending on frequency of use.  Because we use plant-based ingredients, we suggest to complete use within 2 months of purchase.  As with all organic nutrients, keep the serum refrigerated to prolong its potency and shelf life.


Please test the formula on your skin prior to initial use for any personal reaction.  While our ingredients are proven safe for topical application, each person is different and may have an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients. If you have an allergic reaction to use, discontinue immediately.


Shake the bottle well before use.  Part dry hair into sections and spray directly onto the scalp, starting at the crown and working down the sides and back of head as needed.  Massage the scalp gently for a few minutes to nourish and stimulate the hair roots.  Leave in for 30-45 minutes. Shampoo, condition and style.  Apply 2-3 times per week.  We suggest using a clarifying shampoo after treatment. This will help prevent hair products build up and keep your scalp clean, healthy and happy.

BE PATIENT.  Your hair grows slowly and changes such a new growth are seen generally in about 8-12 weeks of continued use.  More immediate results such as reduced shedding, a less irritated scalp and increased volume and shine are often noticed within weeks of use.  Better results come with longer and consistent use of the serum. 

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